Aircraft Restoration

Restoring the Past, Building Toward the Future

Kansas Aviation MuseumApril 23, 2014Kansas Aviation MuseumApril 23, 2014Kansas Aviation MuseumApril 23, 2014Kansas Aviation MuseumApril 23, 2014

Dozens of talented, dedicated and highly skilled volunteers donate countless hours of their time restoring aircraft so they can take their place telling the story of Kansas aviation. Restoration projects range from the earliest production aircraft to the much revered Beechcraft Bonanza.

We currently display a restored 1934 Stearman Model 73/Navy NS-1 Trainer, the aircraft that saved the Stearman Aircraft Company from the depths of the depression. This specific aircraft is number 12 of the 61 constructed in 1934-35. This was the first military production contract for Stearman and Wichita. We’ve also completed a 1927 Swallow, which crashed in 1929 and had been in storage for decades.

We also have a number of restoration projects in process.

  • A 1929 American Eagle, built at Fairfax Field in Kansas City.
  • A 1931 Stearman Model 4D Junior Speedmail. This is the original “TEXACO 14” owned and operated by the Texaco Company from 1931-1936. This restoration is being funded by The Women of Wichita Foundation.
  • A 1929 Stearman C3B. This is the first model and one of more than 140 produced by Stearman in Wichita from 1927-1929. This restoration is being funded by the Kansas Pilots’ Association.

In addition to the many rare and one-of-a-kind aircraft already in our possession, several vintage planes have been promised as soon as a hangar is available.