The Matty Project

The Matty Project - named after Matthew Laird – gets it title from the Laird Company who was the first aviation manufacturing company in Wichita beginning in the late 1910’s. This project serves as the first work of renovation inside the museum to update and expand our exhibits and exhibit space.

This project includes the Welcome to Wichita exhibit that will highlight the incredible history of this building as the first Municipal airport for the city of Wichita, the administration home of McConnell AFB, and it’s life as the Kansas Aviation Museum. We will see a new and expanded Hall of Fame that will serve to showcase an ever growing group of individuals who have and are impacting aerospace from Kansas. Our Air Capital Theatre will grow and have a new location next to our entrance that will tell the story visually of how Wichita became the Air Capital of the World. Our Rip Gooch Black Aviators exhibit will find a permanent home as well. We will tell the story of Black Aviators from Kansas who have helped shape the field of aviation. Named after Kansas legend, Rip Gooch, this exhibit will grab visitors attention the moment they see the entrance.