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When you join the Kansas Aviation Museum, you become a member of a local community drawn together by its love of and interest in aviation, especially in how Wichita and Kansas helped shape aerospace development and how that development has helped shape us. Many of our members bring long histories of involvement and expertise in every conceivable aspect of aviation. But that sort of personal connection is neither required nor expected. All that’s required is a willingness to support our mission. Won’t you join us?


Flight School (student) $20
24 or younger, part to full-time student - Free admission - 1 year, 1 member card, 10% off all museum store purchases.

Wingman (individual) $50
Non-students 18 & older - Free admission - 1 year, 1 member card, 1 lapel pin, 10% off all museum store purchases.

Crew (household - family/grandparent) $75
Two adults & all children or grandchildren - Free admission - 1 year, 2 member cards, 2 lapel pins, 10% off all museum store purchases


Crew Chief $100-$299
Sames as crew + unilimited additional tickets at $5 each.

Co-Pilot $300-$999
Same as Crew Chief + 2 tickets to annual Gala.

Pilot $1000-$2999
Same as Co-Pilot + 2 tickets to annual Gala and a guided tour for 10 people.

Wing Leader $3,000-$4,999
Same as Pilot + 2 tickets to annual Gala, 20% off all museum store purchases, a guided tour for 20 people and access to the 727 during tour.

Ace $5,000-$9,999
Same as Wing Leader + 2 tickets to annual Gala, 20% off all museum store purchases, a guided tour and catered meal for 30 and access to the 727 & 737 during tour.

Commander $10,000 +
Same as Ace + 2 tickets to the annual Gala, 25% off all purchases in the museum store, a guided tour and catered meal with the President for 40 people, access to the 727 and a special presentation on one plane under restoration.

For more information, please email info@kansasaviationmuseum.org or call 316.683.9242

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Flight School (Student) $20 Pilot $1,000-$2,999
Wingman (Individual) $50 Wing Leader $3,000-$4,999
Crew (Household) $75 Ace $5,000-$9,999
Crew Chief $100-$299 Commander $10,000 +
Co-Pilot $300-$999

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