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Cessna U206


This is the first airplane operated by Aviation Services, Inc., which later became Air Midwest, Inc. founded by Gary Adamson. 

The six-seat Cessna 206 was certified 19 July 1963 and introduced as a 1964 fixed-gear version of the model 210 and was built until 1986 when Cessna halted production of its single-engine line.

The 206 was known as being stable, rugged, reliable, and for being able to carry a half-ton of passengers and/or cargo after the fuel tanks were filled. It was so useful, it was generally known as a “flying pickup truck.”

The museum’s aircraft was configured as the U206. The “U” indicated “Utility” and was equipped with a pilot side door and two opposing rear doors permitting easier access to the back two rows of seats, and enabling easy loading of cargo.  The passenger seats were removable to increase the cargo-carrying space. The aircraft was initially used to transport human remains for area mortuaries, emergency medical flights, and skydivers.

General Characteristics:

  • Type: General Aviation / Light Business / Utility
  • Seats:                  6  (1 pilot, 5 passengers)
  • Powerplant:        Continental IO-520A, 6 cyl @ 285 shp
  • Prop speed:        2,700 rpm.
  • Fuel cap.:            65 gal.
  • Gross wt:             3,300 lbs
  • Useful load:        » 1,540 lbs.



  • Top Speed:         154 kts (177 mph), 
  • Cruise Speed:    144 kts (166mph)
  • Stall Speed:        52 kts (60 mph)
  • Takeoff                (over 50 ft obstacle):   1,265 ft.
  • Rate of Climb     1,075 fpm
  • Service Ceiling   16,700 ft
  • Range:                563 nm /  648 sm.