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Beech Starship


he all-composite airframe Starship was the first civilian airplane to make wide-ranging use of composite materials. Raytheon made a significant investment in the development of the plane, putting it into service in the late 1980s. Bert Rutan participated in the aircraft’s futuristic design, which featured push-type turboprops and canard wings among its many innovations. However, it enjoyed limited commercial success and Raytheon decommissioned the entire Starship fleet in 2003. It donated a limited number of the planes to museums, making its first donation to the Kansas Aviation Museum. Our Starship was flown to the museum from Rockford, Ill., in August 2003.

Executive Turboprop

2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 turboprop engines, 1200 h.p. each

Max speed:
385 m.p.h.

35,800 ft.

1,814 mi.

Gross 14,900


Span 54 ft. 5 in.
Length 46 ft. 1 in.
Height 12 ft. 11 in.