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To Inspire, Preserve, Educate and Commemorate Kansas Aviation for the Future.

To meet this mission, we strive to offer new programs to our members and the Wichita community, endeavoring to meet the needs of our broad constituent base. We welcome your suggestions for new events and projects.

Tim Norton

Executive Director  |  Email

Barb Kramer

Director of Operations  |  Email

Administrator of Human Resources, Volunteer Projects, Gift Shop Projects, KAM Events, Building Maintenance & Exhibit Projects.

Magan Bearman

Director of Education  |  Email

School and Group Tours, Adult and Corporate Tours, Outreach Requests, Educational Camps and Youth Programs, Marketing Coordinator

Joshua Mackey

Curator  |  Email

Museum Historian, Archive and Museum Donations. Please set up an appointment for any donations.

Grace Coyne

Venue Rental Coordinator  |  Email

Organizes venue rentals for things such as: Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events and More.  Conference Room, Atrium, All Day Museum Rentals

Clifton Johnson

Weekend Operations Manager |  Email

Weekend Manager/Gift Shop Manager 


Katherine Eastman

Administrative Assistant  |  Email

Memberships, Non-Profit Agencies Donation Requests