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The last couple of months have been extremely atypical for our community and certainly no different for the Museum.   I wanted to take this opportunity to address a couple of items about the Kansas Aviation Museum moving forward.   I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the small but mighty staff for staying focused on advancing good things for the Museum during the time the doors were shut to the public.   Limited access to the building, working remotely from home, organizing files and creating new processes, updating membership rolls, searching for and watching pertinent webinars, website de-construction and re-creation, gift shop revamping,  remote Zoom meetings, planning  for re-opening ,and on and on.

          We are now in the throes of crafting a re-opening strategy and logistical plan that is good for the Museum and ensures safety for the staff and public.   We have spent hours researching best practices and absorbing information from numerous sources on how to deal with the new reality that we find ourselves in.  

          We anticipate opening in a couple of weeks.   The exact date has not been set.   It is imperative that we structure in place to handle all contingencies to give the public the absolute best experience possible.    Prior to the shutdown, the Museum was on the verge of several needed facility improvements, had a significant venue rental uptick, was preparing for the annual Aviation Awards event, was ready to host 700+ College engineering students at a Textron Design, Build, Fly event,  were designing and fundraising for an exciting Women of Aviation exhibit, had stabilized a knowledgeable, dedicated and engaged staff and were embarking on a Strategic plan to take the Museum to the next level.

          I am extremely encouraged that the last two months were just a blip on the radar screen.   We have stayed on task, looked to the future, held the team together to insured that when we throw open the doors soon that we are ready for our guests and that the transition back to forward movement is swift and seamless.  

          We appreciate the patience of our volunteers that have worked tirelessly over the years to restore planes, build infrastructure, and tell the amazing story of our rich aviation heritage.   And we hope that our patrons will re-engage with us through attendance, membership and financial support.   This was tough for the Museum, tough for the community.    The Kansas Aviation Museum is poised to be better than ever.

-Tim Noton

Executive Director