Funk B-85C







In Storage – Under Restoration (Plane pictured not part of KAM collection)

Twin brothers, Joe and Howard Funk, started building the Funk B in Akron, Ohio under the name of the Akron Aircraft Company. Because of engine reliability problems in late 1940, the company was forced into bankruptcy.

Help came from two Kansas oil field suppliers. Bill and Raymond Jensen of Coffeyville. As a condition of the financial bailout, the Jensen’s insisted that the Funk brothers move the aircraft company to Coffeyville. The Funk brothers were anxious to resume building aircraft so they agreed. Production began in Coffeyville in November of 1941. Three planes were built and shipped to South America before the bombing of Pearl Harbor halted private aircraft production.

After the war was over, full production resumed, but quickly declined. Approximately 200 Funks were built from 1946-1948, bringing the total figure to around 380 aircraft. When the Funk brothers found they could no longer sell airplanes, they turned their efforts to modifying Ford farm tractor engines in 1948. Approx 90 Funk aircraft are on the registered owners list, as of Feb 2011.


Continental C-85-12F horizontally opposed, four cylinder engine @ 85 hp

Max speed:
 117 m.p.h.

 15,500 ft.

 365 mi.

Gross: 1,350 lbs.


Span 35 ft. 0 in.
Length 20 ft. 1 in.
Height 6 ft. 1 in.