Amazing Aviation Adventures

Visitors Guide 2 (495x640)This literature program will inspire students to dream of flight and its many wonders.  This program provides your class or library with a book reading and aviation activity for each student. Each presentation lasts about one hour.  It is a perfect opportunity to highlight science and engineering in literature.  Teachers select a book and activity for their Amazing Aviation Adventure.






Book List:

  • Airplane Flight!
  • Brave Harriet: The First Woman to Fly the English Channel
  • Fly High! The Story of Bessie Coleman
  • Friday, My Radio Flyer Flew
  • Henry and the Kite Dragon
  • Night Flight
  • Pickles to Pittsburgh
  • Violet the Pilot
  • Sally’s Great Balloon Adventure


  • Balsa Gliders
  • Kites
  • Airplane Bracelets
  • Airplane Art
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Parachutes

Cost per Book Reading: $50

10 Student Minimum