Senior Thursdays

Senior Thursday is a free event for the public to come in and listen to a guest speaker discuss a topic related to Wichita and Aviation! 

Senior Thursday takes place every 2nd Thursday of the month and is a FREE event for everyone.  It begins at 10:00 AM and lasts approximately an hour to an hour and a half.  Admission to the museum is not included in the Senior Thursday event but is 1/2 price admission for all Seniors 55+ after any Senior Thursday presentation.

 Schedule of Senior Thursday Guests

February 13th- Ron Blum- Making Basic Aerodynamics Fun!

Basic Aerodynamics

Come, participate and get involved in upbeat, active learning!  Not all engineers are dull and boring … really!  Ron is a Type A engineer, which even he says is a dangerous combination.   This Senior Thursday program will teach and even demythify some basic aerodynamic common knowledge.  What you learned in school may or may not have been updated since you’ve learned it.  Aerodynamics haven’t changed since the beginning of time, but our understanding of it definitely has.

This presentation is based on the colorful posters in KAM’s Learning Center and Classroom and which are used on outreach programs, too.  These posters were created by Ron Blum, founder of Blue on Top LLC.  Come see.  Bring questions.  Learning can be FUN!


March 12th- Chris Franks- KTPS

April 9th- To Be Announced

May 14th- Justin Vergati, McConnell AFB’s Historian

June 11th- To Be Announced

July 9th- To Be Announced

August 13th- To Be Announced

September 10th- To Be Announced

October 8th- To Be Announced

November 12th- To Be Announced

December 10th-To Be Announced


If you have a suggestion of a speaker or a topic, please email Magan with your suggestions!

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