Aviation Learning Labs

IMG_4046 Aviation Deco (High School Only)

    • This lab will teach students about the theme of Art Deco with our beautiful historic Art Deco terminal building. Each participant will create a piece of art deco inspired aviation artwork.

Aviator’s Glamour Trip through International Companies and Countries (3rd to 5th)

    • Participants will learn about the international and domestic side of aviation.   Each participant will complete an “Ultimate Travel Trip” with our trip scavenger hunt while competing as teams in the Ultimate Airline Challenge.

Floating Express (3rd to 12th)

    • Participants will learn about the world of hot air balloons, gliders, parachutes, and kites while learning the principles that allows air to help them fly. Each grade level will complete a hands-on activity and/or design challenge

From Blueprints to Flight (3rd to 12th)

    • Engineering plays a big part role in the aviation industry and in the Air Capitol of the World. This lab will introduce participants to the important principles of aviation engineering.

KKW_Education_June2014The Ultimate Ejection Challenge (3rd to 12th)

    • Participants will learn about the world of ejections from the birth and through the evolution of ejection seats. They will learn about the importance of ejection seats and the forces that act upon them.

Wacky Weather Airplane Math (4th to 6th and 9th to 12th)

    • Participants will learn about weather and how it affects pilots, analyzing weather patterns with various flight paths and airport availability. They will learn about the math that is used by pilots while completing Wacky Math activities.

Wichita Air Traffic Control (5th to 12th)

    • This lab highlights the importance of Air Traffic Control. Participants will learn about speed, distance, and time. Once they have mastered the necessary skills, they will participate in an actual Air Traffic Control simulation.

Wichita Aviation History (7th to 12th)

    • Participants will learn about aviation legends and companies with which they work.

Wichita Youth Ground School (6th to 12th)

    • This lab will teach participants about how pilots get ready to fly an aircraft using weather and other preflight procedures. They will learn how to complete flight planning and light preflight inspection and then follow-up with an actual simulated flight.

Lab Cost

Student/Chaperone: $6 per person (This fee is in addition to the base, tour fee of $7 per person)

Teachers/Bus Drivers: Free


We offer discounts to Title I schools to help ensure that that all children have a fair and equal opportunity to obtain a high-quality education.