Museum Endowments  Create long-term revenue streams to support the ongoing operation and maintenance of the Kansas Aviation Museum.

Named Donor Endowments  Established with a minimum of $100,000 to honor a specific person or entity while supporting the Kansas Aviation Museum. A donor may fund the endowment over a period of three years in order to achieve the required minimum.

More on the Endowment Endowment Purpose  The Museum Endowment supports operations and maintenance of the Kansas Aviation Museum. Named donor endowments can also support operations and maintenance while recognizing the generosity of the donor.

Goal  Raise a $1,000,000 museum endowment before authorizing a spending distribution.

Planned Gifts  Unrestricted planned gifts support the museum endowment unless specified otherwise by the donor.

Endowment Investments  A prudent investment strategy, managed by a third party fiduciary, guides the ability of the endowment to generate revenue to support the financial goals of the Kansas Aviation Museum.

Prudent Spending  Prudent, annual distributions from the interest earnings will be utilized to support the museum.

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