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Kansas Aviation Museum April 23, 2014The Kansas Aviation Museum has made great strides during its resurrection from being left in decrepit condition. We’ve restored the exterior of our beautiful art deco building, which is in itself an artifact and a monument to Kansas aviation history. We’ve acquired an impressive collection of aircraft, aviation memorabilia, documents, photographs and much more. We have the solid foundation to become the kind of nationally significant museum that would do justice to Kansas’ unmatched and ongoing contributions to aviation.

However, much remains to be done. We are always restoring or fixing the interior of our building to match both its inspiring exterior and its glorious past. We hope to one day construct a hangar and maintain our restoration workshop to protect our restored aircraft and allow us to continue this important work. We’re committed to educating youth and adults alike about aviation history and creating an aviation future.  We are in desperate need of updating our computer simulators and software in our Lattner: Science, Math, and History Learning Center to achieve our mission to “Preserve, Inspire, Educate, and Commemorate Kansas Aviation for the Future”.  Accomplishing these goals and many other goals without public subsidy is nearly impossible, so that means we must rely on private donations. So please help and become a permanent part of Kansas aviation history!

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Every little bit helps, and with every donation made, you become a part of history, helping to preserve our aviation past and securing our future! Click on the PayPal donation button below to make your contribution to the Kansas Aviation Museum!