New and exciting things going on at the Kansas Aviation Museum

Play on a Plane- June 16th, 2018 from 9:00am- 5:00pm

Summer Camp at KAM!

The Kansas Aviation Museum wishes to thank ALL of our sponsors from this year’s Golf Tournament!  

Intrust Bank, Creative Business Resources, LGC, Wells Aircraft, Mr. Ed Sykes, Mr. John Newton, Fidelity Bank, 360 Wichita, Mr. Joe White,        Mr. Kendall Mikesell, MKEC, Cross First, Mr. Ron Ryan, Westar, Rib Crib, Aerospace Turbine Rotables, Air Capital Insurance, Airbus, Ambassador Hotel, Ametek/B&S, Bombardier, Buffco, Davis-Moore, FH Kaysing, Kneaders Bakery, McConnell AFB, NIAR, Shaken or Stirred Bartending Services, Skyward Credit Union, The Law Offices of Woodard, Hernandez, Roth, and Day, Leadfood Express, Lee Aerospace, The Liquor Cabinet/Cigars & More, IMA, Jimmy’s Egg, and the Wichita Airport Authority.


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The Gem Wichita Deserves!

The Kansas Aviation Museum has been flying high over the past ten years with upgrades, renovations, and the like that make the museum a better place for both Wichita area residents and visitors alike.
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