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  • Kansas Aviation Museum Announces Challenge Grant Thanks to your support, staff and volunteers at the Kansas Aviation Museum continue to fulfill the museum’s mission to Inspire, Preserve, Educate and Commemorate Kansas Aviation History for the Future. We are happy to announce that a donor has come forward to offer a challenge grant of $50,000! By donating now, you can help KAM raise the matching ...
  • United Airlines Retires 747 United Airlines retired their Boeing 747 from commercial flight on November 7th. Learn more at http://ksn.com/2017/11/07/united-airlines-retires-boeing-747-aircraft/ Share this:ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestEmail
  • Up Coming Events – September through December The months of September, October, November, and December have fun activities for the entire family. September 9th is the Starliner Custom Car Show. October 21st we are presenting Paranormal Activities here at the museum. On November 10th KAM is honoring all Veterans and Active Personal with 50% off admissions and we are holding our annual ...

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The Kansas Aviation Museum has been flying high over the past ten years with upgrades, renovations, and the like that make the museum a better place for both Wichita area residents and visitors alike.
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